About NHC

The NHC team includes Principal Nick Hamon who’s first film credit was on the infamous Australian film ‘Romper Stomper’. That film is over twenty years old so surely he knows what he’s doing by now. If you’re still not sure just ask and he’d be happy to tell you himself. Nick is Vice President of the Casting Guild of Australia (CGA).

Casting Director Megan D’Arcy started working with Nick at the start of the millennium. Megan has cast some memorable TVC’s over the years including WorkSafe, Oreos, The Age, TAC, The Natural Confectionery Company (TNCC) & ANZ ‘Spelling Bee’. You can view some of her work on the site. She’s also made Nick cry publicly on several occasions. Megan is a member of the CGA and on the TVC committee.

Casting Associate Amy Mete has been flashing her jazz hands with NHC since 2010. Amy is a trained dancer and qualified dance teacher. Her experience has assisted us on numerous jobs and we love it when she breaks into impromptu interpretive dance.
Amy is a proud member of the CGA.

By regularly checking out local theatre, film screenings, comedy nights and Aussie TV our casting radar is always switched on.

Luckily for us we love what we do.