About NHC

Nick Hamon Casting (NHC) was formed in Melbourne in 1998.  Originally a one man band with a small, but loyal client list, NHC has grown to become one of Australia’s most respected boutique casting offices employing three full time staff.

By regularly checking out local theatre, film screenings, comedy nights and Aussie TV shows our casting radar is always switched on. Luckily for us we love what we do!



Nick established NHC after a 7 year apprenticeship with one of Melbourne’s industry stalwarts.  Nick learned all parts of the business from reception through to of course, casting.  At age 26 he decided it was time to see if he could make it on his own and started NHC in 1998.  Within the first couple of months Nick landed a 52 part children’s series for a major network – a not insubstantial feat for someone just starting out!

In the time since, NHC has gone on to cast thousands of TV commercials and numerous TV projects and feature films.  In addition, Nick became one of the driving forces behind the establishment of the Casting Guild of Australia (CGA) – a not-for-profit organisation that represents the interests of casting directors within the industry.  Nick was Vice President of the CGA from 2013 t0 2016.  



Megan’s casting career began in 2000. Originally intended to be a summer job before heading back to uni, Megan was surprised to find that she loved working in the industry and decided to stay – much to Nick’s relief!

Over the years Megan has cast numerous advertising campaigns and has always had very loyal and dedicated clients. She has worked with Nick on casting the feature films Thunderstruck, Razzle Dazzle, Blame, I Love You Too and Red Hill and more recently cast a Southern Star TV pilot.  Megan is also a proud member of the (CGA).



Originally from Far North Queensland, Amy is a trained dancer who was drawn to Melbourne to continue her dancing career.  Amy’s early career saw her working at a Performing Arts School in Melbourne before landing her present gig at NHC in 2010.  Her first job was street casting a Tennis Australia job. From then on she was hooked. Since that time Amy’s worked on hundreds of TV commercials and has assisted Nick on TV projects including The Divorce (ABC), Open Slather (Foxtel) and It’s A Date (ABC).

Now that Amy has officially completed her apprenticeship, she is now a Casting Director and proud member of the Casting Guild of Australia (CGA).